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Morocco Culinary Institute (MCI)

Morocco Culinary Institute (MCI) was founded in 2018 by Executive Chefs Native to Morocco to Provide dedicated Education in Moroccan Cuisine to Professionals and also Enthusiasts and Tourists who visit Morocco on a daily basis. Morocco Culinary Institute Headquarters are located in the Spiritual Capital of Morocco: Fes, Morocco. MCI is also working on opening locations in Marrakech, Casablanca, Tangiers and Agadir.

Morocco Culinary Institute employs the best Chefs to teach Moroccan Cuisine from making Moroccan Bread to making Moroccan Tagines and Moroccan Pastry. Morocco Culinary Institute has one day courses for Food Enthusiasts and Tourists in addition to 10-days courses for Professionals, Executive Chefs and Entrepreneurs who wants to open a Moroccan Restaurant in Morocco or around the Globe.

Mission Statement

Morocco Culinary Institute strives to offer an innovative, effective and intensive education in which Chefs and Food Enthusiasts are equipped to achieve excellence in cooking Moroccan Bread, Moroccan Appetizers, Moroccan Tangines and Morocco Pastry.