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Enthusiasts & Tourists (One Day)

Our One day Professional Classes are geared towards Enthusiasts and Tourists who want to learn how to cook a Moroccan Meal from scratch with its appetizers, salads, Tagines and deserts. The Enthusiasts will have hands-on experience in making Moroccan bread, peeling potatoes, cutting onions, making salads, cooking Tagines, deserts and pastries. The Enthusiasts will have the opportunity to create some of the class recipes while receiving very valuable expert tips, tricksof the trade, new learning methods, and concepts that will allow them to expand their skills and cook the meals once back home. The classes are taught by distinguished Moroccan and International visiting chefs from around the world.

The Classes generally start at 8:30 AM and end at 4 PM. The classes are generally divided into different groups that focus on different parts of the Moroccan Meal. The Enthusiasts will have lunch at Morocco Culinary Institute with live music as part of the experience of the cooking classes. At the end of the Course, the Enthusiasts will get a Diploma and Certificate of Achievement during the Graduation Ceremony. In addition, the Enthusiasts will get Photos as a souvenir of their experience at Morocco Culinary Institute.