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international students

International Students (30 Days)

Our 30 days Professional classes are geared towards International Students and are a combination of multiple chef demonstrations and some hands-on experience. The students will have the opportunity to create some of the class recipes while receiving very valuable expert tips, tricksof the trade, new learning methods, and concepts that will allow them to expand their skills. The classes are taught by distinguished Moroccan chefs and visiting chefs from around the world.

The Classes generally start on a Monday and end on Friday. This is a 4-week program geared towards professional Chefs. Classes start at 8:30 AM and end at 4 PM Daily with evening activities. At the end of the Course, the International Students get a Diploma and Certificate of Achievement during the Graduation Ceremony.

The International Students will be placed with local upscale Moroccan Families to immerse themselves in the language the culture and foods of Morocco. The students will have chauffeurs and personal car to drive them around the city and all over Morocco after classes and on the weekends.